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House Movies are scary movies with supernatural elements. These films usually involve a haunted house. The premise of the movie is that a family moves into a house, only to discover that something is wrong. The house is full of strange things and has eyes in the windows. This is an eerie and scary movie, based on a true story. This movie follows the Lutz family, who move into the house, despite the realtor’s warning. Things get progressively more crazy as time goes by, and they eventually have to call the priests.

There have been several films that feature a house as their title, including House of 1000 Corpses, The Last House on the Left, and Road House. A list of these films can be found here. The site also allows users to rate these movies by voting up or down. The website is interactive, so if you enjoy a house movie, please consider voting it up.

Another great haunted house film is Things Heard & Seen, starring James Norton and Amanda Seyfried. This film follows a woman with an eating disorder who moves into a haunted house. She begins to question whether the house is real or something out of the patient’s mind. This movie is full of psychological elements and a hauntingly beautiful story.

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