How Can I Test My Apple App Before I Submit It to Apple?

Before you submit your application to Apple, it’s important to test it thoroughly. App reviewers want to see that your app is free from bugs, crashes, or other problems. It’s important to test it under unusual circumstances. You should think like a hacker. Try running your application on a few different devices, either on your own device or with a friend. You can also use a service such as TestFlight to run a trial version of your app before submitting it.

There are several ways to test your app. You can launch it on an iOS simulator or on a real device, provisioned for development, and run it without having to install it. If you’re using a simulator, you can’t test every thread, and launching the app with Xcode disables watchdog timers. To ensure a good experience for your testers, you should make sure to test your app on each iOS version and device.

Final Touch

To test your app, you’ll need several iOS versions and devices. You can use an iOS simulator, or a real device. In order to create an archive, you’ll need to select Product > Archive. This archive will appear in the Archives organizer, which can be accessed through Window > Organizer. From there, you can check your app’s compatibility by clicking Validate App.

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