How Does Apple Review Apps?

The process of reviewing apps isn’t easy, and Apple’s rejection rate is quite high. According to a recent study, about 40 percent of apps are rejected. Most of these applications are eventually approved, though some developers may receive nasty feedback from developers who were denied their apps. Fortunately, there are some guidelines for how to get your app approved by Apple. These guidelines will help you prepare your app for the review process.

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Initially, the Apple App Store review process began after the iPhone app store was launched in 2008. It was designed to ensure that customers were getting safe and quality apps. While this might seem like a daunting task, it was meant to create a level playing field for app developers. In the end, Apple is still a great company, but if it doesn’t make it easy for developers, it might be a bad idea to submit your app to the App Store. If you want to find out the world breaking news so you should visit And the another thing is that you have to go into to get the best news around the world.

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Last Line

The process of reviewing apps on the App Store is complicated, but the process is worth it. In general, Apple reviews 60 per cent of the applications submitted. Some categories have higher approval rates, but they can also have controversial content. Furthermore, some classes of apps are subject to additional review due to specific legal or Apple requirements. In addition, some apps are rejected entirely. However, in some cases, these rejected applications can even be approved.

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