How to be loyal to a brand and why?

Brands are not just a fashion statement or a class thing; they also often stand for something close to the designer/founder and symbolise their conviction towards it.

Take the example of Christopher Esber, who has been focusing on his brand since 2010 after graduating from Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio, so it isn’t as if he appeared out of nowhere with the help of some buzzy street style photos, which is typically how designers get noticed these days. Over the past years, the brand landed in many influential stores, including Forward by Elyse Walker and Luisa via Roma.

The growth trajectory

The designer who has been working on his label for nearly a decade, For example Christopher Esber, is now stocked by Bergdorf Goodman, Net-A-Porter, Intermix and Holt Renfrew. He is on his way to becoming the next big thing.

His clothes have an originality that is hard to find in the world of ready-to-wear today.

The fan following

Esber has been working on his label for years and has a loyal following. His brand is stocked in many stores, including Nordstrom (in Canada). Despite his fame and popularity, people tend to forget about the last one with every flashy thing they see. So keeping up with your customer’s preferences could be tricky

  • The blogger world has made it easy for consumers to buy into the hype and lose interest when someone else comes along with a “new” look or idea.
  • The best way to be loyal to a brand is to research and understand its history and ethos before buying anything from them (if you can afford it).

Why Christopher Esber?

You can be loyal to Esber because they know what women want and how they want it – even if they don’t realise it yet.

Esber’s clothes are comfortable, classic and timeless. They’re well-made and fit well. They’re affordable without being cheap. They’re versatile enough to wear everywhere, from the office to happy hour after work (or any other time you need something that looks great). And last but not least, they’re wearable: no one wants to look like a billboard or billboard model when out at night dancing or on a date with someone who wants them for more than their money.

Destined for greatness

Christopher Esber is the best example of a designer you need to know. He’s been churning out his label, and he’s spent every day since then perfecting what he knows women want to wear. It might be hard for some of us to remember a time before Christopher Esber was everywhere, but his brand wasn’t always so visible in our lives. The designer has spent nearly a decade focusing on his label—and it shows.


So, if you’re interested in knowing more about this designer’s brand and what makes it unique, then you should check out his website. There is also a fascinating interview with him on The Cut, where he talks about his journey and plans for the future.

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