How To Make A Small Commercial Space Look Bigger With Painting

When it comes to renovating a space, a startup business needs to take care of things very carefully to stay under a tight budget. Small businesses often do not have big commercial spaces, but that doesn’t mean their interior design can not achieve exclusivity. With a simple strategy of choosing the right color scheme, the owner of a small shop (like a cafeteria, department store, clothing store, or ice cream parlor) can create a spacious impression in their not-so-big space. It’s all about the game of optical illusion, and consulting with an experienced commercial painting contractor in Oregon can help with this process.

Colors That Creates An Illusion of Bigger Space

A small room painted in a dark color (due to greater absorption of light) creates a claustrophobic effect. Light paint colors are more reflective and make a room appear bigger and brighter by maximizing the impression of natural light. Colors like pale blue, light green, cool gray, taupe, blush pink, crisp white, and warm beige are the best colors that create an optimum visual transformation that makes space look brighter, more spacious, and more inviting.

Creative Tips To Use Paint To Make The Room Bigger

Choosing the right painting style is just as crucial as choosing the right color to make a space look bigger and brighter. Here are some tips to follow while working with a commercial painting contractor in Oregon:

1.     Paint an accent wall

Accent walls serve as the space’s actual focal points and provide an extra dimension to the area. One can either paint one accent wall or paint two in a darker shade and two remaining walls in a lighter shade within the same color family. As a general rule, shorter walls should be painted in lighter colors, while a long wall should be chosen as an accent wall.

2.     Paint the ceiling

A light-colored ceiling gives the impression of height in a small space. The color need not be a specific shade of white. Instead, one can break the painting tradition by choosing crisp white for the walls while painting the ceiling with a bright color.

3.     Choosing the right finish

Instead of choosing a matt finish, one should choose textures like semi-gloss sheen, satin, or eggshell since these finishes come with higher light reflectivity, making the space feel enlarged and airy.

4.     Avoiding pairing dark colors with a light trim

Dark walls combined with light-colored trim produce a visual border that creates a visual barrier. One can ask their commercial painting contractor in Oregon to paint wall moldings and trim a shade lighter than other walls. This will make the walls appear further back, giving the impression that the space is larger.


These are simple and smart ways to make a space look bigger. Apart from painting, one can also go for some strategic interior decoration to achieve that bigger impression. For example, using creative lighting fixtures and mirror accents opens up a space by boosting light reflexivity. Choosing space-saving furniture and keeping the area decluttered will not only add up more space but also increase the area’s functionality.

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