How to See All the Apps You Have Ever Downloaded on iOS

If you’ve used iTunes on an iOS device before, you can easily see all the apps you have ever downloaded. The App Store features an icon that resembles a head, which allows you to view all the apps you’ve downloaded. You can also select a specific category to view only purchased apps. For example, if you have bought a game but then forgot to delete it from your device, you can use the “Bought on this device” tab to see all the apps you’ve purchased on your iOS device.

To view the apps you’ve purchased or installed on your iPhone, you can go to the App Store and tap on the “Purchases” tab. There, you’ll find a list of all the apps you’ve bought and installed, as well as the ones you haven’t yet. You can even view any apps that weren’t downloaded on your iOS device, as long as you have an Apple ID that matches the one you’re using. How can you know best online technorati website, and more segfault great website.

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Once you’ve selected the category, you can click on “View All” in the App Store to see the list of apps you’ve bought, but have not yet installed. The list will show you the apps that you’ve bought and installed, as well as those that you’ve never downloaded before. To find a specific app, you can use the search field, or simply type the name of the application you want to view.

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