Sell Designer Handbags For Cash

There are many ways to sell your designer handbags for cash, but one of the best is to find a site that will pay you top dollar. You can find a buyer for your bag by using websites like Poshmark or Rebag. There are also local options such as pawn shops that offer a low price for designer handbags. However, you cannot be certain that you’ll receive the amount you want.

Professional photographer

There are a few tips that you can use to make your Poshmark listings look their best. One of the first steps is to take good photos of the items you are selling. If the photos are not appealing, buyers will simply scroll past your listing. Clean, white, and well-lit images are more attractive to buyers. Aside from a professional photographer, you can also try using a collage photo app like Pic Stitch. Make sure that you only mark one listing as ‘for sale’.

Another way to maximize your sell designer handbags for cash is to list your items for a high price. Poshmark lets you set the price you’re looking for, but that may put off buyers. You also have to pay for shipping. While many of the sites allow you to charge a higher price, you have to factor in the extra expense. The cost of shipping can be quite high, so consider if you’d be willing to pay this additional fee.

Top-rated consignment shops

Rebag sells designer hand bags for money. It has a unique valuation tool known as Clair. Clair is an algorithm that estimates the value of any bag, allowing you to get up to 70% cash for your bag. You can choose to get paid via PayPal, check or store credit and receive an extra 10% bonus if you choose the latter option. In addition to being one of the top-rated consignment shops, Rebag also offers free stylist services.

Customers report being happy with their purchases, although a few sell designer bags do have minor scratches and stains. The Rebag website also provides information about the condition of the handbags, which is important since the estimated retail price can be $1,000+. Buyers can also take advantage of financing options offered by Rebag’s parent company, Affirm, to make the purchase even easier. However, be aware that some reviews are negative and the company is not for everyone.

Shop Linda’s Stuff

If you’re looking to sell your designer handbags for cash, Linda’s Stuff is a great option. This site has become one of the leading consignment websites for luxury clothing and accessories. This website works with specific authenticators for each brand to ensure that your handbags are authentic. The company takes 38% of your selling price, and you’ll get the remaining 80% after deductions. You can expect to receive monthly checks.

The company’s founder, Linda Lightman, was a labor and employment attorney before starting her business. She began by selling her sons’ old video games on eBay and immediately sold them all. Soon after, she became addicted to the online marketplace and started listing her own handbags and clothing on it. The success of the site led her to expand to other luxury products, including watches, handbags, and shoes.

Make a smart purchase

In recent years, online companies have stepped up to offer customers an opportunity to sell their designer handbags for cash. Fashionphile is a pioneer in this space, as the company was founded in 1999. The company combines human expertise with cutting-edge technology to authenticate handbags. Its tech tools are able to check for authenticity on up to 50 handbags an hour. Its customers can then use that information to make a smart purchase anxnr .


Founded by Sarah Davis, Fashionphile has become the first company to offer re-commerce services for pre-owned luxury items. The company has been selling luxury handbags on eBay since 1999, and has a headquarters just a mile away from Legoland California. It currently has 243 employees and just recently reached a $200 million gross merchandise value. It also accepts consignments.

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