Top 5 Things Only Boston Locals Will Understand

Boston is a city unlike any other.  Although it’s one of the oldest cities in the country, it’s got a spirit that’s so new and fresh, continuing to evolve and change year after year.

Still, some things hold true through all of it.

These are five things that locals from Boston understand on instinct that might take others some time to learn.  If you’re new to the area, don’t be afraid to take notes!  Getting these right in social interactions will save you the trouble of fighting to blend in!

St. Patrick’s Day Is A Day For Fun and Fear

Although any holiday can be a source of fun: St. Patrick’s day is a mixed bag.  On the one hand, it’s fun to get out and celebrate; on the other hand, this holiday is well known for causing riots, fights, car accidents, and fires.  Being in town on St. Patrick’s day can be a blessing or a curse depending on your point of view!

There’s a Green Monster In Town

There’s a green monster that can come up in conversations in Boston, and it’s not talking about something dangerous; it’s the tall 37-foot left-field wall at Fenway Park.  Unless you’re in major league baseball, there’s nothing to fear from it!

The Obsession With Dunkin Is Real

Dunkin Donuts is a chain that’s slowly reaching across the entire country, but it’s at home in Boston.  This city truly does run on Dunkin; there are no early mornings or searching for Boston houses for sale without a bag of donuts and coffee from Dunkin.

Banging a Left and a U-ey are Vital in Driving

Driving in Boston is notoriously wild, with drivers banging a left or a U-ey out of seemingly nowhere.  Banging a left means turning left at a traffic light as soon as the green light flips on so you can beat the row of cars that are about to cut you off coming from the other direction.  This can be hazardous because there’s no way to tell if the cars coming from the other way are flooring it as well until you’re already in motion.

Banging a U-ey means hitting a u-turn in the middle of any road without fear of hitting anything or getting pulled over.  The pros in Boston can do this without much preamble, making a cargo the other direction in just a blink of time.  It’s no wonder that so many new to the city fear driving here!

Masshole Isn’t An Insult!

If you’re not from Boston, you might think Masshole is an insult to the whole state, but many in Boston use it as a source of pride.  Not only does it get tossed around as a friendly greeting if two people from Boston find each other in another state, but it’s also worn like a badge of honor.

There’s Nothing As Wicked Awesome As Boston!

Although a lot of this city can feel coated in cliches, they’re the fun tropes you can lean into that make a living in Boston that much more fun.  Keep these fun local inside jokes in mind, and next time you’re in Boston, you’ll blend in like you were raised here.

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