watch with the family, Space Movie 1992 is one to watch

Did you know that there was a space movie made in 1992? This blaxploitation-themed short film was created in 1992 and was an attempt to poke fun at the various Space films made in Hollywood during that period. The film was found after someone Googled the phrase “space movie 1992”, and Redditors were advised not to Google it. Although it is a short film, its satirical cast and unrealistic storyline have gained it a following on Reddit.

The Space Movie was never a commercial success. Many in Hollywood wondered why it should be made, especially after the success of The Empire Strikes Back. The film’s director and screenwriter realized that they were onto something special when they wrote the script and never presented it to anyone else. Now, they’re writing a new screenplay. If you’re looking for a fun, sci-fi flick to watch with the family, Space Movie 1992 is one to watch.

The 1992 Space movie was created by the Lindberg/Kristensen Film Company and is a compilation of fifteen short stories. The first story was written by Steven Spielberg and was entitled “Friend Like Me.” It features a genie who has bizarre vocals and an English accent. The second story is a comedy that features gay niggling astronauts. It is worth seeing just for the laughs! And while you’re watching the film, don’t forget to watch the Space movie on TV!bestnewshunt

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