What Should You Do If You Were Hit By Another Vehicle?

You could be one of the most experienced drivers in the family, but another driver driving carelessly can get you into a car crash. The intensity and speed of the car crash will determine the severity of injuries and damages to you. However, when you know you were following all the rules and the accident resulted from someone else’s negligence, you can seek financial compensation by filing a car accident claim.  filmefy Remember, what you do after the accident also plays a vital role in the outcome of your claim. 

An experienced personal injury attorney Newburyport can help you understand all the legal options and get the maximum compensation that covers your injuries and damages. 

Steps to take after someone else hits your car. 

  • Pull over and inform the police. 

Always stop your vehicle and report the accident to the police, even if the driver fled from the accident scene. The police will arrive and file a report based on the scene. Ensure you collect a copy of these reports, as it will help support your claim when seeking compensation. 

  • Exchange information with the other driver. 

After you inform the police and wait until they arrive, exchange personal details with the other driver. This is mandatory by the law. You should take their information, including their name, address, license number, vehicle details, insurance details, and more. 

  • Click pictures and videos of the accident scene. 

Pictures with the date and time stamp will help prove when and where the accident occurred. If you are physically capable, click pictures of the accident scene, both the vehicles involved, nearby surroundings, and more. 

  • Collect witness information. 

If people around saw the accident, ensure to take their information so you can contact them later to take their testimony. Witness testimony plays a vital role in evidence, so you might not want to take the risk. 

  • Get medical attention on the same day. 

Even if you do not see any visible injury, get a complete checkup from your doctor. If there are any complications or internal injuries, the doctor will help you get appropriate treatment. Additionally, when you get prompt medical attention, the insurance company cannot deny your compensation because your injuries did not occur due to an accident. 

  • Talk to a personal injury attorney. 

After you go home, speak to a reliable and experienced attorney who has experience in handling car accident cases. Allow them to help you in the process ahead to get compensation.  thedocweb

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