Why Are Some Apps Deleted From the App Store?

Why are some apps removed from the App Store? There are several reasons why a particular app might be removed. Some of the reasons may seem illogical, but if you look closely, there are actually a number of reasons why an application could be deleted. These reasons include violations of Apple’s rules, such as those regarding promoting illegal or dangerous behavior. Some apps are only available in certain regions, for example, so people who live in those areas can’t install them.

The reason for app removal varies. Apple and Google will block apps with explicit content, illegal services, banned goods, and apps that can put people in danger. Sexual content, pornography, and nudity are all prohibited, as is gambling. In addition, some apps may be deleted if they violate intellectual property laws. This is usually a case where a user has to petition the app store to have their app removed.

In Last

Developers may remove an app from the App Store for a variety of reasons. Some apps may be blocked if they contain harmful content, such as adware or malware. In addition, Apple can take down an app if it violates intellectual property laws. In a study published in October 2018, over 100,000 apps were removed from the App Store. In the first half of this year, they had received 9.2 billion downloads. Before being removed, the delisted apps received 21.8 million user ratings.

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